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bicycleattorney.com Team Results on OBRA PDF Print E-mail

Follow the impressive results from our cycling team on the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA) website:

BicycleAttorney.com Race Results

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Welcome to PrestoVelo one of Portland's premier cycling teams.  We’re a group of dedicated cyclists - okay, bike racers - striving to improve ourselves through training and racing throughout the Northwest. Foremost, we must thank (and encourage you to visit) our generous sponsors, particularly our title sponsor bicycleattorney.com, Hopworks Urban Brewery and Bike n’ Hike. Beer, bikes, and legal representation.  What more could a race team ask for? That’s why we’re looking forward to making this our best year ever, for the team and the sponsors.  Tracking our progress is easy.  Just visit http://www.obra.org and look for the results of riders flying the bicycleattorney.com banner.  At the races, we’re easy to spot.  Our team kits are a very distinctive black, orange, yellow and white with the words “bicycleattorney.com” emblazoned across the our chests.  If you’re interested in joining the team, please stop by a local Bike N' Hike and inquire or click on the "Contact Presto Velo" button above and tells us about yourself and your racing.


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